Sentiment Analysis

Agenty’s AI based Sentiment Analysis software helps to extract review sentiments and find out whether the review text is Positive, Negative or Neutral with confidence score. You can batch upload the excel file with thousand of reviews to extract sentiments in bulk.

Millions of reviews posted on eCommerce products, retail manufacturer and brand websites everyday and it’s crucial for brand owners to understand the customers sentiment written in the review text on their website to better understand how the customer feels about their brand, product or service in online forum discussions and reviews.

Thousand of businesses uses the sentiment analysis tool to analyze positive, negative mentions about their brands online and analyzes text conversations - For example:

  • Brand Promotion and Monitoring
  • Brand Measurement and Performance
  • Social Media Analytics from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Competitive Insights Reports
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Influencer Marketing and more…

So, using the Agenty’s web scraping agent + sentiment analysis tool you can extract review from your website and then run the sentiment analysis on the text to get the full report for your internal analysis, market research, customer service improvement or brand monitoring etc…

Create Sentiment Analysis Agent

  1. Go to the Agents page and click on new agent button:

  1. Select Sentiment Analysis Agent by clicking on Get It button.
  2. A copy of sentiment analysis agent will be created in your account.

Select Input Type

Now, go to the Input tab and enter the review text or you can upload excel/csv file as well

There are 3 input options -

  1. Manual Input(s) - To enter the text manually
  2. Select a List - To select the uploaded file
  3. Text from Source Agent - To select another agent which has a text column you want to run the sentiment on.

Manual input

In this post, I will using the manual input option. So, select the manual input type and copy-paste the reviews text from excel sheet or google spreadsheet :

Then, click on the save button to update the input settings.

CSV Upload

  1. Choose Select a List option in input
  2. Select your uploaded file from drop-down. (if you don’t have any list, see here to learn how to create one and upload your file What is Lists? | Agenty

  1. Save it and run your agent.

Source Agent

  1. Choose Text from Source Agent option in input type

  1. Select your scraping agent from drop-down which has the review text you want to extract the sentiment from.
  2. Select the field contains input text from drop-down
  3. Save the input settings.


Click on the start button to start the job. It will take few seconds to minute depending on the number of reviews you are running.

We can see the progress, logs and download the result in JSON, CSV, TSV format when the sentiment classification job has been completed.

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