Jobs Status Definition

There are 9 different types agent jobs status to track where a particular job while execution :


The user pressed the Start button and the job has been submitted to Agenty.


The job has been queued as per parallelism limit for your account and your pricing plan, so the job will be started automatically as soon any other running jobs completed in your account.


The scraping agent, pages credit and other validation succeeded and an Agenty worker machine(AWM) picked the job from queue to run on cloud.


The job is running now and progress can be seen in the agent page or using the status api.


The job has been almost completed and left with post-processing script or plugins if any.


The job has been completed.


The user pressed the Stop button and the stop request has been sent to Agenty workers running that job on cloud.


The job has been stopped by the user manually or using the stop job api.


The job has been aborted due to validation error, low pages credit error or any other system error can be found in logs

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