Agenty API

Welcome to Agenty for Developers! Just like you, we are enthusiastic web developers and we love to automate things. With Agenty we are building the complete web automation framework to automate repetitive web browser tasks.

And we know that one of the best way to do that, is to give you the ability to have the hands on your agents and data from any programming language. Please find below, the full REST API documentation and references in order to reach this goal.


The root endpoint of Agenty API is: and we recommend you to fetch our API over https.


In order to start using API, you need an Agenty account. Signup here, if you don’t have one.

Once you are logged in, go to the Settings page and then API keys page to get your API key token to start using the API.

We use keys to allow access and in order to authorize API requests. Just add your API key token as query parameter to each API requests apikey=xxxxxxx

Alternatively, you can also add a header as X-Agenty-ApiKey : {Your Key Here} on each requests to get authenticated.

Agenty 2.0 new API documentation is available here

API References

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